30 Minutes *4episodes |Drama Series |Currently Filming | Creator : Shazia Javed

    Ruby (25, Christian, Pakistani), Samina  (35, Muslim, Indian), and Azra (45, Muslim, Pakistani) live in ‘The Wives Colony' in Mississauga with their children while their husbands work in other countries. They initially meet at potluck lunches, a weekly guilt-free escape from loneliness, where all the ladies meet and exchange gossip, flaunt their designer South-Asian wear, and unofficially compete in cooking skills to fuel their self-esteem. 

    As the women face life's ups & downs and seek each other for support, the realities of their lives are revealed and the carefully crafted impressions crumble. Over time, they form a bond that is stronger than a family's, giving each other hope, companionship, and a little courage to break the rules.